Note: Insha’Allah the June 2019 Monthly Tarbiyyah Programme Quiz shall be based on this article. (Quiz is for boys between the ages of 8 and 11 years)


Who broke the idols?

Many years ago in a village, there lived a famous man named Aazar. There was a very large house in the village, which had many idols inside it. Aazar used to sell idols. The people of this village and Aazar would prostrate and worship these idols.

Aazar had a son who was very clever. The name of his son was Ibrahim (alayhis salam). Ibrahim (alayhis salam) would see the people worshipping the idols, he knew that the idols were mere stones. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) also understood that the idols could not speak nor listen, and that the idols did not have the power to benefit or harm. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) would see that a fly would sit on an idol yet the idol did not have the power to remove it. He would also see that the mice would eat the food, which was placed for the idol, yet the idol would not have the power to stop them. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) would think to himself, ‘Why do people prostrate to the idols?’ And Ibrahim (alayhis salam) would ask himself ‘Why do people ask the idols to fulfil their needs?’

One day Ibrahim (alayhis salam) tried to explain to his father, ‘Oh my beloved father, why do you worship these idols? Why do you prostrate to these idols? Oh my beloved father why do you ask from these idols? These idols do not speak nor listen. They do not have the power to benefit or harm, why do you place food and drink for them, though they do not eat or drink? Ibrahim (alayhis salam)’s father (Aazar) did not understand, instead he became angry with his son. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) also tried to make the people in the villagee understand but they also became angry with him. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) decided to break the idols in order to make the people understand that these idols had no power and that they were mere stones which were not worthy of worship.

The day of Eid arrived and all the people in the village along with the children went to celebrate. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) did not go with the people, instead he went to the house of the idols. In order to make the people of the village understand, he broke all the idols except the largest one, with an axe. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) hung the axe around the largest idols neck.

As it was the day of Eid, the people of the village went to the house to worship and prostrate to the idols. However, when they reached the house all the idols had been broken. They called Ibrahim (alayhis salam) to ask what happened to their idols. Ibrahim (alayhis salam) replied ‘ask the largest idol if it is able to speak.’ The people understood that the idol was a mere stone and it was unable to neither speak nor listen, so they replied ‘you know the idol is made of stone and cannot speak.’ Ibrahim (alayhis salam) asked ‘so why do you worship idols if they are unable to cause harm or benefit you? Why do you ask from them when they are unable to speak or listen? Do you people not understand?’ The people of the village remained silent and were embarrassed.


The cool fire.

The people gathered and began talking amongst themselves. ‘Ibrahim (alayhis salam) has broken our idols’, they said. They began planning a punishment for Ibrahim (alayhis salam). They finally decided they will burn Ibrahim (alayhis salam) by throwing him in the fire.

The people gathered a huge amount of wood. Then they made a hole in the ground and set it aflame, and it burned with huge sparks and immense flames. There had never been a fire like it. They put Ibrahim (alayhis salam) into a catapult, When they threw him he said, ‘Sufficient for me is Allah, and He is the best disposer of affairs’. Allah (ta’laa) helped Ibrahim (alayhis salam) against the people by cooling the fire for Ibrahim (alayhis salam) so it does not harm him. Allah (ta’laa) said, ‘O fire! Be a means of coolness and safety for Ibrahim!


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