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Salaat Times

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 4:53 6:25
Sunrise 6:50
Zuhr 1:02 1:25
Asr 5:04 6:00
Magrib 7:06 7:06
Isha 8:39 8:50
Jumuah Salaat: (Bayaan)1:00pm (Khutbah)1:30pm Late Jumuah: (Khutbah) 4:00pm

Donation appeal

Alhamdulillah, through the fadhl (grace) of Allah ta'laa and the generous donations of the public, Madrasah Baytul ‘Ilm is now free of qarz.
Please continue to donate, to allow us to meet the running costs.


Receiver system 

Receiver system for Madrasah Baytul Ilm is now running.

All programs including Adhaan, Salaat, Bayaan and Duroos are now being relayed.


Listen Live


Click here to listen on an iPhone, iPad or other Mobile Devices.






Welcome to the Madrasah Baytul 'Ilm website.

This website has been designed as a means to gain access to information about Madrasah Baytul 'Ilm. The site also aims to provide education through comprehensive information on various topics of deen, which can enable the young and old to benefit and enhance their knowledge and practical day to day life.

Visitors can also gain benefit by listening to the live streaming of the events and programmes held at the madrasah (Jumuah Bayan, Monthly Tarbiyyah Programme,Prize giving Jalsah etc.).

We sincerely hope your visit to this site will be uplifting, spiritual and informative. We request visitors to provide positive and constructive feedback.Your feedback is valued and will Insha'allah assist in improving this website.

May Allah grant us all the privilege of serving his creation, enjoining good and forbidding evil. May He grant us all sincerity and accept our humble efforts.


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